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Digital Collections and Archives

Businesses, governments, and other organizations are building online collections that are made up of physical content that has been digitally scanned or photographed. It used to be that you would have to travel to a museum or library to view rare documents or pictures from the past, but now you can visit a digital collection online.

The digital collections are available to anyone online and are indexed in ways that make them easy to search. For example, one digital collection of historical menus allows you to search for a dish and all the menus that offer that item will show up.

Unfortunately, there are still vast amounts of content that still needs to be digitized and made available online. We highlight some of those and also discuss issues related to digital content.

Online Privacy Issues

We are constantly hearing stories about high profile companies and their privacy policies. Any time a significant change is made to a policy it is major news. With so much information about us in the hands of online entities it is highly important to make sure that our personal lives are protected. The Internet potentially allows access to a huge amount of our personal information. This is why online privacy issues will continue to be an important topic for many years to come.